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Jeff Blix



  • 20 Years of screenwriting experience
  • Repped at former WGA signatory
  • Coverfly contest reader
  • Quarter Finalist in Road To New Republic Competition
  • Business Partner with Filmtrix Inc

Hollywood script reader with real experience.



Hey. I'm Jeff. I got my start writing coverages at the request of Kevin Pike, a renowned special effects expert who worked on Back to the Future and Jaws.  I designed his web site and he wanted some opinions on some screenplays for clients of his. I also began running his Filmtrix Inc's Social Media Account. (The Facebook Business account is found here).


From that point on,  my career writing coverages began. Afterward, I started writing coverages on the Peer review platform. As of right now, I currently work writing coverages in the largest database for competitions there. I've covered everything from semifinalists in the Academy Nicholl Fellowship, to Screencraft/Big Break Finalists, to people who aren't native English speakers writing their first screenplay.


I learned about the craft of screenwriting from, well, screenwriting. I've written more than 20 screenplays in the last 10 years. I've been agented at The Brogan Agency (used to be a signatory) and also read at top Hollywood production companies.



Also, I was in the Top 50 in the 2018 Road to New Republic Feature Screenplay Competition. Recently, I did clip reel editing for producer Jack Binder and He produced the 2018 Oscar nominated Ethan Hawke film “First Reformed.”


When I'm not writing and reading, I also am a designer. I have an expansive background in both graphic and web design (fifteen years).  I have written mission statements and designed websites for Hollywood set, audio production companies and script coaching companies. That's my creative background and credentials in a nutshell.  If you have a question about my coverage services, don't hesitate to ask.










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